Cinemambulante – Kino Guarimba


Kino is a movement founded in Montreal in 1999 with the goal to encourage production and distribution of independent and original films. It is a group of video and film artists that have the drive to produce works by refusing to take the only path – ”traditional” production. Inspired by the word ”kinè”- Greek root meaning “movement” – Kino is now synonymous with independent and free production. Kino’s mission is to bring together all the artists who believe that the relevance of a film does not just amount to the size of its production budget. This movement operates by the motto of its founder, Christian Laurence: ”Do well with nothing, do better with little, but do it now.”

La Guarimba is a cultural organisation situated in the southern Italian region of Calabria with the aim of bringing the cinema back to the people and the people back to the cinema. We work with cinema and illustration using culture as a vehicle to promote our values of participatory democracy, integration and accessibility.


We liked the idea of launching a Kino here in Calabria more similar to a Cinema Residency because we think it will have a positive impact on participants and local residents alike. This is a beautiful region but not as known as we’d like; this kind of project is perfect for promoting cultural exchange through cinema.

Amantea is a small town facing the Tyrrhenian Sea with its roots in fishing, agriculture and commerce. Unfortunately there aren’t many cultural opportunities offered to the local population who are also dealing with constant economic hardship. This is a tourist location that really needs more of a flux from outside its small reality. Amantea is full of contradictions between its beauties and horrors, with rich Southern Italian flavours from the sea and from the land, caught between antiquity and modernity and although it is a small town, it has three closed down cinemas that used to be the social hubs for the entire province and for the visitors flocking here from the rest of Italy.

Amantea houses about 300 refugees and asylum seekers, mostly from Subsaharan Africa, and we would like to involve them in this project.

It is in this city that La Guarimba Cultural Association operates, offering socio-cultural projects designed to involve everyone.


This call is open to anyone, from Italy and beyond, who has already turned 18 at the time of their submission.

We are on the lookout for filmmakers, technical crew and actors willing to learn and interact with others, to get stuck in even when communication becomes complicated.


– Participants must arrive to Amantea on the 10th of June between 09:00 and 18:00

-All shorts must have at least one outdoors shot in Amantea.

-Shorts duration will be informed on day 10th.

-All finished films must be handed in by 16:00 on June 21st with English and Italian subtitles.

-Any short that fails to respect the above rules will automatically be withdrawn from the project.


All applications must be submitted online by April 30th 2019


Candidates will receive confirmation of their application and information with the next steps via email.


The second edition of Kino Guarimba will take place in Amantea from the 10th to the 21st of June 2019.

Amantea is a town with around 15,000 inhabitants on the Tirrenian coast of the Calabria region in Southern Italy.


-Participation fee for directors, actors and technical crew: €25

-Participation fee + shared accommodation (12 nights): €150

Participation fees must be paid after being selected and no later than May 30th 2019




-Networking events with other participants

-Open air screenings of independent films

-An unforgettable experience


It is your responsibility to seek cover for your self and your belongings. La Guarimba Cultural Association will not take responsibility for damage or loss of personal property before, during or after KINO.


All films must include 5 seconds of the following text before the opening credits and after closing credits:

Conceived, shot and edited during
Cinemambulante 2019 – Ass. Culturale La Guarimba

All films will have to include logos of partners and sponsors. These files will be supplied at the start of KINO.


-Filmmakers will have to ensure they secure rights for the use of music and actor’s image and voice. We recommend using copyright

-Free music. If the filmmaker decides to submit the film to festivals, it will be the filmmaker’s responsibility to ensure they have not infringed any law pertaining to intellectual property.

-By participating, directors take legal responsibility for their films.

-By participating, filmmakers give full rights to La Guarimba to use the finished film for cultural purposes only, on the understanding that this use will not damage or interfere in any festival strategy previously agreed with the filmmaker. However, if the film gets an award, it will go to the filmmaker.


For further information you can contact the organisers directly: via email or by phone on +39 3392086981