Cinemambulante is a multicultural and multidisciplinary event in Calabria (Southern Italy).

We have divided Cinemambulante into two parts: a cinema screening programme and Kino Guarimba, a film residency.

Twelve Days, 9 Cities, 7 Films, all European previews and 80 artists fro allover the world who created 35 short films transformed Amantea in a real openair cinema set. These are just some of the numbers of Cinemambulante 2019 which during the final screening brought 350 people in our local square.

A story made of culture and resistance: the IV edition was created without the help of Mibact (Ministry of Culture) which until the previous year had been helping through the Migrarti grant which now no longer exists. This demonstrates that perseverance and stubbornness are winning cards for the growth of the project. ‘We don’t depend on the grant but on the desire to create and believe in our territory. This is the year of the resistance, we hope the next will be the one of stability’ – says Giulio Vita, the artistic director of the project.

is the chance for professionals from the audiovisual and the performing arts industries to film and edit a short film in our town and to screen the finished product here.

program will feature films and short films in different towns of the Calabria region. We are looking for films representing African and Latino culture, but also for social and political features from all over the world.