CinemAmbulante: Storie di Integrazione is a multicultural and multidisciplinary project that takes place in Calabria.

In 2016, the General Directory for Entertainment promoted the MigrArti call with the aim of contributing to the enhancement and the promotion of the cultures of origin of the immigrant communities permanently resident in Italy, developing mutual knowledge, intercultural dialogue and social inclusion.

CinemAmbulante was thus created to promote Calabrian values ​​such as the importance of the community and traditions through multicultural concerts and social lunches between invited directors, organizational team and local population of Italian and foreign origin.

The project was conceived by Sara Fratini and Giulio Vita, founders of La Guarimba project, who wanted to give life to a new organization, thus creating the CinemAmbulante Cultural Association to work on the territory to spread quality cinematographic works that represent the voices of countries and cultures that are facing problems of inclusion and social integration, starting with second generation Italians.

In 2018, the project included a film residency called Kino Guarimba, an international film training program in the form of a twelve-day artistic residency in Calabria, the wildest region of Italy.

In 2022, CinemAmbulante won the call for Cinema e Immagini Per la Scuola “Progetti di rilevanza territoriale”. The project proposed involved six middle schools located in the five provinces of Calabria, speaking about the environment and its respect through the innovativeness of the cinematic language. In particular, we wanted to involve inland locations that are often ignored in the process of cultural development of our territory.

The organisation has evolved over the years, and is now managed by Giulio Vita and Simone Colistra, who joined the project to take care of financing and general production.

Fortunato Valente (Video Technician), Sergio Durré (Photographer), complete the team, which every year is enriched with local and international interns and assistants.


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