The Cultural Association CinemAmbulante is a multidisciplinary project in Calabria, which organises activities and training events for adults and children, based on the theories of Cooperative Learning and Montessori Education.


CinemAmbulante: Storie di Integrazione is a multicultural and multidisciplinary project that takes place in Calabria.

In 2016, the General Directory for Entertainment promoted the MigrArti call with the aim of contributing to the enhancement and the promotion of the cultures of origin of the immigrant communities permanently resident in Italy, developing mutual knowledge, intercultural dialogue and social inclusion.

CinemAmbulante was thus created to promote Calabrian values ​​such as the importance of the community and traditions through multicultural concerts and social lunches between invited directors, organizational team and local population of Italian and foreign origin.

The project was conceived by Sara Fratini and Giulio Vita, founders of La Guarimba project, who wanted to give life to a new organization, thus creating the CinemAmbulante Cultural Association to work on the territory to spread quality cinematographic works that represent the voices of countries and cultures that are facing problems of inclusion and social integration, starting with second generation Italians.

In 2018, the project included a film residency called Kino Guarimba, an international film training program in the form of a twelve-day artistic residency in Calabria, the wildest region of Italy.

In 2022, CinemAmbulante won the call for Cinema e Immagini Per la Scuola “Progetti di rilevanza territoriale”. The project proposed involved six middle schools located in the five provinces of Calabria, speaking about the environment and its respect through the innovativeness of the cinematic language. In particular, we wanted to involve inland locations that are often ignored in the process of cultural development of our territory.

In 2022 and 2023, the Association curated the film programs in Il Terrenito space in Amantea, screening retrospectives dedicated to Godard, Fritz Lang, Satoshi Kon, Iranian cinema, African-American cinema and children’s films. In 2023, the program was supported by the call for the support of festivals and reviews promoted by the Calabria Film Commission.

The organisation has evolved over the years, and is now managed by Giulio Vita and Simone Colistra, who joined the project to take care of financing and general production.

Fortunato Valente (Video Technician), Sergio Durré (Photographer), complete the team, which every year is enriched with local and international interns and assistants.


Artistic Director

Giulio (Italy, 1988) grew up in Venezuela. He studied Journalism in Caracas and Cinema in Madrid. He deals with Communication and Cultural Management in all phases: from the conception to the implementation of projects that have a positive social impact. Expert in turning good ideas into excellent realities.


Sara (Venezuela, 1985) grew up in Puerto Ordaz, in the south of Venezuela. She graduated in Fine Arts in Madrid and specialized in Nancy, France. Illustrator, street artist and cultural operator. She published the books “La Buena Vida” (Lumen – Penguin Random House, 2015) and “Una Tal Martina” (Lumen, 2016). She participated in the collective book “No te calles” (Nube de Tinta, 2018). There are many cities that host her murals.

Production Coordinator

Simone (Italy, 1996) has a degree in Management for Arts, Culture, Media and Entertainment from Bocconi University in Milan. Specialized in festivals and events, he works in the field of cultural policies, organization of cultural realities and arts marketing.

Production Assistant

Maria Francesca (Italy, 1999), is a Communication & DAMS student at the University of Calabria with a passion for cinema and music. Her interest in the organization of cultural events led her first to join the group of festival volunteers, then to support her university internship at the association.

Residency Tutor & Druid

Oscar (1985) is a cinematographer and lighting technician based in Madrid. He studied directing at the Instituto del Cine in Madrid and has worked as a freelancer on several fiction, advertising and music video projects in Spain and Latin America. He conducted filmmaking courses in Ecuador, where he worked for the company Turutá Films.


Fortunato (Italy, 1990) is a videomaker with a degree in DAMS and a diploma in directing. He has lived in London and Florence where he has had the opportunity to work for several productions such as Rai, Mediaset, and Netflix. In addition to film projects, he deals with the all-around care of audiovisuals.

Media Coordinator

Francheska (Venezuela, 1999) moved as a teenager to La Palma, in the Canary Islands, where she graduated in Audio-Visual Graphics at the Manolo Blahnik School of Arts (Spain), specializing in 3D animation at the CIFP Cesar Manrique in Tenerife. Francheska coordinated a video-mapping project for the Medina del Campo Festival in Valladolid and worked in the graphics and design team of the Berlin Music Awards.


Sergio Durré (Libya, 1975) is a freelance video maker, video editor, colorist, and photographer based in Milan. He works mainly for music and film festivals (such as Elba Music Festival), through content creation, and as responsible for social media marketing, web design.