The Film Program Cinema al Terrenito

The “Cinema al Terrenito” film program is a project aimed to promote the audiovisual language articulated in a program of films divided into three sections: Historical Cinema, Modern Cinema, Cinema for Children.

The screenings are held outdoors at Il Terrenito, the cultural space of the La Guarimba Association, as part of the July programme of activities coordinated by La Guarimba and organised together with local associations.

The program aims to be a response to the lack of spaces dedicated to cinema in the town of Amantea: there are in fact no active cinemas, and the Sicoli Arena that offered a programme of films during the summer months has been closed for 15 years.

The second edition of the project was financed by the Call for the realisation of film and audiovisual festivals and programs in Calabria 2023, promoted by Calabria Film Commission.

The Historical Cinema section is dedicated each year to an important filmmaker from the past, who has had an impact on contemporary cinema, to give our audience the opportunity to see cinematic masterpieces on the big screen. In 2022, we dedicated the retrospective to Fritz Lang, in 2023 to Jean-Luc Godard.

The Modern Cinema section, on the other hand, is linked to social and relevant themes of the contemporary world, using cinema as a tool for protest, reflection or denunciation, and rediscovering films and directors never shown in Calabria. In 2022, we screened films by African-American directors for the ‘Black Power in the USA!‘ section, while in 2023 we gave space to feminist denunciations by Iranian women directors with the ‘Voices from Iran‘ programme.

Each year we organise a cycle of animated films for children and families, screening independent and lesser-known works, creating a safe space for younger viewers, who suffer from the absence of initiatives dedicated to them in Amantea. In 2022 the programme was dedicated to the Japanese director Satoshi Kon, while in 2023 it was the turn of the independent animation studio Laika.