The second edition of CinemAmbulante managed to have an impact at the heart of the Calabrian social scene thanks to our desire not to be limited to the single city of Amantea but to extend our network to the surrounding municipalities and associations.  

The project allowed us to create a stable retrospective in Calbria, a territory in which there is not much space devoted to cinema. Rich in potential, we also understood that this project could evolve in the future by transforming itself as a tool of integration between refugees and Italians but also between Italians themselves who do not have the possibility to move from a city to another or who are not yet aware of the richness of their own territory.

We also organized a DRIVE IN, at Cosenza, for the first time this year.

The three days during which the DRIVE IN at Cosenza took place were even more impressive than expected thanks to the special effect of the AIRSCREEN inflatable screen located on the Piazza XV Marzo and the fact that such a screening had never been organized before in this region. The films screened succeeded in moving both adults and children. But it was above all the collaboration with Radio Ciroma that allowed us to limit the noise and create a unique space.

Also, in Cosenza, we organized a screening with schools about the work of NGOs in the sea, a very important moment especially now when Italy began to debate the role of NGOs and who should save lives in the sea. The children were able to participate very actively in the debate after the screening and this helped to clarify certain commonalities and prejudices.

At the Castello Svevo with the help of the Cinepresi Association, we organized the screening of THE TRIBE for an aware and knowledgeable audience gathering the associates of Cinepresi. In this context, we were able to screen a film tackling complex as well as interesting social themes. The screening session was opened by a professor from UNICAL, University of Calabria, specializing in sign language. Among other things, she emphasized the importance of language and the strength of its power, creator as well as destroyer of bridges between humans.

At the Cosenza Comic Strip Museum, we organized the screening of an animated film produced by the Ivory Coast, much appreciated for its soundtrack.

We also involved in our project the province of Crotone, and more specifically the city in which the procedure for the reception of migrants and refugees in Calabria started: Badolato. We celebrated the day of the refugee by making a fresco with the artist Sara Fratini at the refugee center, as well as by screening short films about integration, to the sound of the rhythms of tarantella and African dances.

At the Amantea refugee center, we organized the screening of a program of African short films with Italian subtitles for 300 young people with refugee status. It was a positive evening for them who do not have cultural activities organized within the center but also for the Italians who rarely share moments with them.

At the University of Calabria, we screened a selection of short films for students, who enjoyed the outdoor cinema. This project is the result of a collaboration with university associations and the UNICAL secretary.


Fishers of Men by MOAS

AYA: La vita a Yop City by Marguerite Abouet et Clément Oubrerie

The Tribe by Myroslav Slaboshpyskiy

I fiori di Kirkuk by Fariborz Kamkari

La Soledad by Jorge Thielen Armand

La Locanda della Felicità by Zhang Yimou

Vangelo by Pippo Delbono