Cinemambulante – Kino Guarimba


Kino Guarimba is part of Cinemambulante, a cultural integration festival in Calabria (southern Italy) organised by La Guarimba. The seventh edition will be taking place in Amantea (Cs) from June 10th to the 21st 2022.

Amantea is located in the Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria, a beautiful and not so well-known region in southern Italy. The 12000 inhabitants townhouses 300 refugees that are involved in this project.

In order to create a variety of positive impacts on the region, we have divided Cinemambulante into three parts: an itinerant film screening programme, a street art project and Kino Guarimba. The participants will experience social lunches, Calabrian/African folk concerts and a unique insight into our traditions.


A 12 days Cinema Residency in southern Italy where a group of international creatives who don’t know each other get together to write, shoot, edit and screen short films.

Calabria is a melting pot of cultures from Ancient Greek to Modern Italian, including Arbërëshë, Albanese, Sub-Saharan African and Latin American cultures. In the region, you will find dialects, folk music and dances, catholic and pagan rituals, culinary expressions, the mountain and the sea among farmers and fishermen.


This call is open to anyone, from Italy and beyond, who has already turned 18 at the time of their submission.

We are on the lookout for filmmakers, technical crew and actors willing to learn and interact with others, to get stuck in even when communication becomes complicated.


-Participants must arrive in Amantea on the 10th of June between 09:00 and 18:00.

-All shorts must have at least one outdoors shot in Amantea.

-The film must be shot in the town of Amantea.

-The maximum length of the film is 10 minutes. You are totally free to continue working on the personal project, after the Residency.

-All finished films must be handed in by 16:00 on June 21st with English and Italian subtitles.

-The apartments are available for the nights from the 10th to the 21st of June (included). You need to leave your room before 11am on the 22nd.

-If you break it, you pay it. As in real life, you are responsible for your own actions.

-Office hours are sacred. Our team has the right to rest.

-Do your recycling. Take out the garbage bins every night.

-La Guarimba is a community of adults, not a summer camp. If you have a problem with somebody, talk to them. If you can’t solve the problem, come to us.

-The Facebook group is not for rants. Our vision of problem-solving is through conversations. The group must be used just to connect and share useful information.

-Don’t commit to a project before you have arrived in Amantea. The script might sound amazing and the person too but wait until you meet everybody and get inspired by Calabria!

-Do not monopolize the equipment nor the organisational team. We are here to help and will try our best to satisfy your film needs, but we are not your production assistants. Remember: locals want to help you as well. Invest more time on building relationships, than demanding.

-Adapt and learn, don’t modify and impose. This is a growing experience. Amantea has a lot to offer to your personal trip. Don’t focus on what makes you uncomfortable about the locals but try to see what you can learn from them and their way to life.


All applications must be submitted online by 5th of May.

Your confirmation should happen before 22nd of May 2022.



There are 100 available spaces for participants which will be determined by a selection process based on portfolio, enthusiasm and willingness to discover.

Our main goal is to create a multi-cultural film community with professionals, students and film enthusiasts. A community capable of engaging with the local population regardless of the language barrier. We use cinema as a tool to create an open society.

Candidates will receive confirmation of their application and information with the next steps via email.


The fifth edition of Kino Guarimba will take place in Amantea from the 10th to the 21st of June 2022.

Amantea is a town with around 15,000 inhabitants on the Tyrrhenian coast of the Calabria region in Southern Italy.


-Participation fee + shared accommodation max 3 people per room (12 nights): €285

-Participation fee + private room (12 nights): €400

Important notes:

Participation fees must be paid after being selected and no later than the 20th of May.

The program does not cover travel expenses.

Each apartment is equipped with a kitchen and bathroom.

The apartments do not have air conditioning, nor WIFI.


-1 Welcome Dinner at Pizzeria Jolly

-1 Speed Dating + Breakfast

-1 Social Lunch at Ristorante Tipiko


-Networking events with other participants

-A Masterclass on Short Film Distribution

-An unforgettable experience


It is your responsibility to seek cover for your self and your belongings. La Guarimba Cultural Association will not take responsibility for damage or loss of personal property before, during or after KINO.


All films must include 5 seconds of the following text before the opening credits and after closing credits:

Conceived, shot and edited during
Cinemambulante 2022 – Ass. Culturale La Guarimba

All films will have to include logos of partners and sponsors. These files will be supplied at the start of KINO.


-Filmmakers will have to ensure they secure rights for the use of music and the actor’s image and voice. We recommend using copyright.

-Free music. If the filmmaker decides to submit the film to festivals, it will be the filmmaker’s responsibility to ensure they have not infringed any law pertaining to intellectual property.

-By participating, directors take legal responsibility for their films.

-By participating, filmmakers give rights to La Guarimba to use the finished film for promotional activities, on the understanding that this use will not damage or interfere in any festival strategy previously agreed with the filmmaker. However, if the film gets an award, it will go to the filmmaker.


For further information, you can contact the organisers directly: via email


How many participants will there be?

We aim to have at least 100 participants. Of course, this will also depend on how the word gets out. So we encourage you to tell your friends or colleagues about the residency. Remember, the more the merrier. Consider that Amantea’s inhabitants (locals and refugees) can also be part of your project.

What kind of equipment do you provide?

We can lend some lights and some laptops for editing. The rest is up to the participants to bring. In the form you will be asked what you have and what kind of crew member you need, in order to allow us to help you make the best match possible.

Are you deciding the teams?

Not at all. We help all the participants to meet each other, based on their needs and talents. But you will have the last word on who you want to work with. We will organise a “speed dating” allowing you to find the perfect team for your project.

Should we arrive with a finished script?

It’s totally up to you. Some people prefer to come with an idea, some with a ready script and others prefer to get inspired by Amantea and its wonders. We don’t have a particular preference. We do recommend you to come with an open mind. Remember that everything can change.

Does my film have to be a specific genre?

Nope. All formats and all genres are accepted. We only have something to say about the length of the film. Considering the tight schedule and the fact that on the last day we will be screening all the films, we encourage you to make films under 10 minutes. However, this is not a rule, it’s just a suggestion.

Can the films participate in La Guarimba?

As you might know, we also organise La Guarimba International Film Festival in August. We are planning to make a selection with the best films and screen it during the festival. This will be an off-competition program. If your film is selected to be screened in La Guarimba but you don’t want to, no worries.

How much money will I spend for food?

If you know how to cook, you could go to the supermarket and with €50-70 be set for the entire residency.
If you prefer to go outside every day, you should calculate €25 per day to be completely safe.
Consider that a breakfast (cappuccino & croissant) cost around €2,50 and a meal can cost around €15
A pizza is around €7