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Ponti di Vista is a course of Scuola Guarimba based on the notion that filmmaking requires you to interact and collaborate with other people, be they members of your crew or subjects whose story you want to tell.

This is why as well as teaching filming and editing we use techniques borrowed from theatre, psychology, sociology and participatory democracy to push our students to operate as a single creative nucleus, without hierarchies and learning to make the most of everyone’s strengths.

Course Objectives:
– Identify, understand and tell people-stories.
– Give a technical base in documentary filming and techniques.
– Create friendships and future collaborations amongst people form different backgrounds.
– Produce a short documentary per group.
– Give the opportunity to work in a semi-professional environment and see the results in a cinema at a public screening.


The workshop will take place from the 8th to the 19th of June in Amantea, Calabria, Italy.
Attendance is mandatory.


La Guarimba and Polifilm Media believe that knowledge is a shared resource that we should share and we try to keep the prices as low as possible so as not to exclude anyone, at the same time we do have many costs to cover so we request a small contribution from participants.

The fee for the course is €90.

If you require accommodation in Amantea for €190 you can cover your subscription fee and accommodation with other participants in a shared flat.
If you like you can arrange your own accommodation and only pay the course fee.

Fees must be paid before May 5th 2018.


The course is open to anyone, Italian or from anywhere else in the world who is 16 at the time of registration.
We are looking for people who are willing to learn and engage with others and are keen to make communication work even under pressure.

Filmmaking experience is welcome but not essential.


Submissions must reach us by the 16th of April 2018.

Completing several short films in 10 days is an ambitious objective, this is why we require daily participation. The School is an immersive environment that requires 5 to 8 hours a day of work and commitment.

This is why we encourage participants to take advantage of the accommodation that the organisers can help access, this also creates camaraderie with your fellow students as you’ll be living with them.


Cinemambulante: storie di integrazione is a Guarimba project started in 2015 and born out of the necessity to create a dialogue between italians and Amantea’s asylum seekers.

A glimpse of what you should expect


As part of our project Cinema Ambulante, funded by “Migrarti – Cinema”, funded by the Italian Ministery for Culture, the La Guarimba Cultural Association organises a documentary cinema workshop in collaboration with Polifilm Media from Edinburgh, Scotland called Ponti di Vista (it’s a very clever play with words about points of view and bridges but it can’t be translated).

The town of Amantea, where the course takes place, sits in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and has a rich tradition of cultures meeting. This is part of the reason we want to go beyond technical learning and push our students to be stimulated by other cultures and we encourage applications by foreign filmmakers, including immigrants residing in Italy or people from the Asylum Seeker Centre in Amantea with whom we’ve done a number of projects.

This workshop aims to use the experience of producing a documentary film in a group setting to teach filming techniques, editing and storytelling but it also tries to give participants transferable skills such as conflict mediation, consensus decision-making and group dynamics so they can use them in whatever group situation they might find themselves in their lives.

When we launched the pilot project a couple of years ago we never would’ve expected to have such success! In just ten days, teaching in Italian, English and French, with groups made out of Italians, foreigners, and asylum seekers, we made six high-quality documentaries. In some cases members of the same group didn’t even have a language in common and yet we watched their friendships and working relationships flourish, we saw them overcome difficulties and finally produce short films that were worthy of prestigious European film festivals.


The School’s tutor is Tomás Sheridan, award-winning documentary director and teacher.

Tomás Sheridan loves telling global stories through local stories.
His documentaries, from international co-productions to small passion projects have toured film festivals on four continents winning prizes and being broadcast on TV channels across the world.

Born and raised in Turin, Italy, Tomás studied cinema in Edinburgh where he still lives and works his production company Polifilm Media which strives to show viewers new perspectives through audiovisual storytelling.

In the past years, Polifilm’s social work has extended beyond the screen, reaching people of all ages and backgrounds, developing self-esteem, team work and opening the doors of the world of cinema to his students.

Tomás still finds it strange to write about himself in third-person.


Submissions will be considered by tutors and organisers of the school. Each application will be judged based on the candidate’s profile and the motivations given for applying.


If you require further information you can write:
or call +39 3392086981